CCL Version .56 Has Been Released

Release Notes (v.56)

  • Fixed incorrect internal references, including chapter headings
  • Consolidated two membership chapters into one.
  • Consolidated battery and assault into “assault” with three degrees (do you have any idea how messed up these definitions are when one compares them state by state in the US?). The delineation of use “with a deadly weapon” is dropped entirely, and substituted by whether harm to another has actually been done (doesn’t this make more sense?)
  • Added substantial new section in membership regarding illegal activity – mainly those attempting to overthrow CCL and assist nefarious governments.
  • Added new membership type, “Financial” for financial institutions. Clarified rules regarding currency and fractional reserve banking (a controversial topic, indeed!). In short, fractional reserve banking is allowed only if it can be demonstrated that the financial institution can redeem all deposits to depositors. Check it out for more details.
  • Sketched out scaffolding for “Settling disputes,” which is a four step escalation process: reconciliation, arbitration, litigation, 12-person jury trial.
  • Added an important theoretical caveat regarding property rights and aggression, namely when the right to “leave the place of oppression” conflicts with others’ property rights. In rare cases where someone must (for example) trespass to stay alive, their trespass is treated with less severity than if this was not the case. (Life is complicated, and private arbiters/judges need wiggle room to accommodate appropriately, though without sacrificing property rights themselves.)
  • Added an important exception to the right to contract, namely, that no CCL member has the right to issue contracts that are inherently impossible to fulfill.



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