CCL Version .59 Has Been Released (and other announcements)

  • Changed Membership ID “Cards” to “chips,” since that covers both external chips (cards) and internal ones (under skin microchips). It’s ultimately up to Adjudicators/Enforces to decide the form of membership verification for their contractual members.
  • Added new membership level: “Criminal Membership.” Criminal members are for all convicted aggressors, and states their (diminished) rights in a similar fashion to Minor Members. Details of the buying/selling process of bondages (like bonds/mortgages) will come later…
  • A big decision was made: to let CCL Adjudicators handle their cases as they please. CCL will not specify, for example, how exactly jury trials will take place, or what the requirements are for lawsuit procedures. CCL will specify, however, what the private Adjudicators will have to cover (and some hows) in their own requirements for justice and court procedures (e.g., they can’t change everyday, must be available to all CCL members, etc.).
  • On the other hand, whether to include disciplinary rules for Adjudicators have not yet been decided. How to prevent internal CCL bribery and judicial fraud is a challenge that still awaits a solution in upcoming versions of CCL. It may have an easy solution.

CCL added Block One to the Friends Page. If you’ve heard of the 5th largest cryptocurrency project – EOS – then you already know about Block One who is behind it – aimed at decentralizing “everything.” We will eventually approach Block One – and others – to consider partnering drafts of the CCL Digital Network, as it is quite likely the best fit anyway.

Also: CCL is scheduled to be featured on a very popular podcast sometime in the next 6 months. Stay tuned for updates!

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