CCL Version .65 Has Been Released

This was a hefty one.

  • Tons of typo fixes and formatting errors.
  • Completely new section on the rules regarding search warrants and audits. That’s a really touchy one, but it follows a strict property rights and non-aggression vision: if the search warrant ends up empty, the one searching and who ordered the search are guilty for trespass, theft, or whatever.
  • Corrected incoherence about geospatial frontier and “homestead ready” property beyond Karman Line.
  • Streamlined a number of titles.
  • Corrected example errors regarding excessive responsive aggression. This involved specifying that “torture” and “enhanced interrogation (ie water-boarding)” constitutes an excessive personal aggression.
  • Clarified some things regarding “bondages,” which are like bonds and mortgages – the debt owed by perpetrators of an aggression to the victim. There still needs to be some clarification there: should criminals be able to transfer their bondage? In other words, if someone was willing to serve 30 years labor bondage on behalf of (say) a convicted third degree murderer, would this be just?
  • Paragraph on presence of Enforcement officers added to section on dispute settlement (sort of like saying guards/bailiffs have to be present not only to ensure things are safe in the courtroom, but that stated CCL procedures are, indeed, being followed).
  • An important exception was added regarding the four step process of dispute settlement for those serious crimes of personal aggression: they skip reconciliation and go to arbitration or if they want, a jury trial right away. It makes no sense to require (for example) a rape victim to make contact with her abuser before being able to proceed to arbitration or a trial.


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