Another Stateless Society in the Making

This morning, Coindesk ran a familiar story: the conflict of nation-states rendered a particular region in need of stability and organization, so the leaders turned not to another charismatic military leader, but to cryptocurrency.

To be truly free of oppression, a free market of currency that isnt controlled by governments is absolutely necessary. But then the question comes: why not base governance itself on a voluntary decentralized system? This is the case with Rojava:

Serdem said that blockchain could be deployed as a new governance infrastructure that allows for distributed, democratic control and a high level of transparency….

Serdem emphasized that such change will be achieved not by violent measures, but by demonstrating to the world that another system is possible – one that operates in tandem with ecology, autonomy and self-administration.

“We do not use the force to develop this idea, it’s about evolution,” Serdem said.