CCL Version .91 Has Been Released

A handful of important updates:

  1. Clarified the important modification to Enforcer and Adjudicator ownership by establishing the “Equity Decentralization Rule,” which states that corporate Enforcer and corporate Adjudicator entities must be at least 1/3 co-owned by membership clients and at least 1/3 co-owned by the entity’s own employees. This ensures the independence and power decentralization necessary for functionality (i.e., justice obviously won’t occur if a single person or business can own all the court and enforcer systems; recall the scene from Back to the Future II, where Biff says “Kid, I own the police.” )
  2. Adjusted membership table accordingly.
  3. Defined “bribery” and “kickbacks,” the latter of which only applies to immediate interactions with Adjudicators and Enforcers.
  4. Finally added numbers to table of contents, and started Index of Legal Terms.

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