CCL Version .98 Has Been Released

Release notes:

  1. Clarified that within the Equity Decentralization Rule, employee majority-owned cooperative corporations must have equal ownership.
  2. Clarified that to be a Adjudicator or Enforcer Member, one cannot simply be one in name, but must actually conduct relevant work. Also added stipulations to maintaining such membership amidst temporary suspensions.
  3. Required the enforcers in their Rules of Engagement include policies on cooperating with other enforcers, dealing with potentially non-clients and non-CCL member victims.
  4. Finally came down on a fraud/legality policy regarding currency. The challenge was to ensure legality of things like crypto, commodities, and other media of exchange but illegalize fraudulent currencies like fiat bank notes that can be printed at will. The law illegalizes those currencies that aren’t either fixed in quantity or directly backed by a physical commodity. Bank notes are illegal to use for transactions – except to exchange for legal currency.
  5. In another big and innovative move, a solution to aggregate problems like global warming/climate change has been established through the use of a new legal category of “unjust coercion”: “Cumulative Aggression.”
  6. Added that “Members cannot lawfully withhold or prevent the publicity of their CCL Core version and CCL modules with any other CCL Member.” Without knowing someone’s legal status, it’s impossible to know if one is in goodwill and where one stands legally with another contractor.
  7. Clarified introductory function of the CCL Core document.
  8. Clarifies that aggression and violation of property rights are a distinct category from breach of contract, even though such activity is forbidden as such in CCL Core (a contract). In other words, if someone murders someone, the murderer would be charged for murder, not breach of contract.
  9. Changed that prescribed easements require not just an absence of a complaint of nuisance by neighboring owners, but that such a complaint did not win in arbitration.
  10. Added a requirement that all communication about CCL matter between Enforcers and Adjudicators must be documented on a CCL-RDL and made accessible to members within 30 days.
  11. Added “Disease Policy” requirement for all businesses (regarding immunization and pandemics).
  12. Clarified sentencing for police brutality. Enforcers who implement excessive justice-coercion are guilty of excessive coercion; they cannot be off the hook entirely, nor fully liable for (e.g.,) murder, if the person was accidentally killed, etc.
  13.  Added prohibition regarding using bank notes/fiat currency of central banks.
  14. Added requirements for body cameras recorded footage, and the records of disciplined enforcers.
  15. Clarified the exclusivity of the right of Enforcers to exercise justice coercion; one may protect another’s person or property as a legal right on the scene of an unexpected crime.
  16. Limits stacking of charges. 30 years bondage is maximum penalty for groups of crimes committed all at once.
  17. Added new graphic for clarifying ownership of orbits.

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