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Creative Common Law is an open-source project aimed at building the most desirable, functional, and customizable body of law for borderless, stateless societies. It is the “operating system” of a truly free society. CCL is also the only project of its kind, being (a) authored by legal and humanities scholars, (b) based explicitly on the principles of property rights, non-aggression, and contract law, and (c) containing all the necessary policies and procedures for concrete application. The project invites public input, especially by those with a vested interest in seeing true liberty become a reality in the 21st century.


The Creative Common Law Project adheres to the principles of Creative Common Law insofar as this is currently possible. It is therefore not registered by any government, gang, agency, or regime.

The Creative Common Law Project is also in no way intended or designed to invoke violence against any person or group, including governments and their affiliates, nor does any speech act encourage such violence. To the contrary, the CCL Project denounces such violence, real or potential. CCL is meant to establish societies of peace and voluntaryism – societies not under the vexing ownership, systematic violence, and unjustifiable oppressions of nation-states, pharaohs, kings, tyrants, majorities, parliaments, federal agencies, or central banks. The CCL Project and its affiliates are not liable for any damages or violence that occurs as a result of trying to establish or enforce any version of CCL.