History and Roadmap


The Creative Common Law Project has its origins in the drafting of a theoretical constitution in 2013 for a “non-aggressive minarchical republic.” It was as an experiment in applying the libertarian “principle of non-aggression” to a traditional government. But after several years of drafting, the project was proven unwieldy and unworkable. It became clear that any nation-state itself will ultimately dissolve if it adheres to principles of peace and nonviolence. (This is because the state is, by its very nature, a territorial monopoly on force.)

It also became clear, on the other hand, that the only hope of a “free society” would be one in which a common legal system is established and shared. Anarchists, libertarians, and other critics of the traditional nation-state often voice their complaints about what’s wrong with the current arrangement, but offer little by way of positive alternatives.

Private drafts for Creative Common Law began in 2016 and 2017, and it was officially launched in Spring of 2018.


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