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CCL Modules

CCL Modules are “add-on” packages of legal code that are optional for CCL members. Such “mods” compromise the “polycentric” nature of CCL.

CCL Mods are only enforceable upon those who choose to be under their jurisdiction, and they are only enforced by those CCL Enforcers that agree to enforce them. Some are moral (ethical) while others are practical (e.g., “regulatory”).

Currently, the following modules are being drafted:

  1. Intellectual property inclusions (copyright, patents, etc.).
  2. Nuclear weapons restrictions (moderate; mainly on production).
  3. Nuclear weapons restrictions (strict; on both production and ownership of potential production materials).
  4. AI restrictions (mainly with relation to autonomous weapons-management).
  5. Air pollution restrictions (moderate; mainly fluorocarbons, arsenic, etc.).
  6. Air pollution restrictions (strict; CO2, methane, etc.)
  7. Animal rights (strict; applies to wide range of animals and allows no killing whatsoever)
  8. Animal rights (moderate; applies to larger/intelligent animals and allows conditional killing, because of recognized homesteading and property rights of animals, but conditioned upon those of human beings).
  9. Best practices of accounting
  10. Best practices of plumbing
  11. Best practices of electrical utilities

Drafts of each module are schedule to appear late 2020.

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